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GiveUrl is a url shortener service earn money for adsense revenue sharing your shortened links with GiveUrl easy way to earn money ! Use a URL shortener service. All files are Copyright to their respective Owners , and GiveUrl does not own the copyright to files shorting by users . now you can earn money by your links to your sites or forums .

Why we short links ?

to make it easier to share and save !

Can you add your adsense ads ?

Yes you can , go to Home page short your links and add your PUB ID .

What we do with illegal links ?

GiveUrl is a Good platform for shortener service their creative work. To report copyright . Don't shorting anything illegal or pornographic! these files will be Deleted without any warning.

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How To Use

First : Go to home page and complete the shortlink form : Click short my URL
now you should show the shortner url's with 7 domains choose ..
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Purpose Of Shorlinks

You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share”


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